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   Get your ideas programmed and make a powerfull algorithmic strategy that will change your life.

We use Ninjascript Editor to code your strategy, and we will provide you with backtest, parameters optimization and market replay so you can make a decision to apply it.  

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    Our live courses are suitable for you to get in touch with our experts through live meetings. You will get customized training which will help you achieve your goals.

Will start on February 01, 2023 !

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Candle robot offers you the opprotunity to get your trades automated and get aride of the manual trading stress.

The teams is composed of a group of young professional traders with multidisciplinary skills covering market analysis, risk management, statistics and probabilities, artificial intelligence, programming.

Thanks to candle robot you will be able to:

Learn the principles of algorithmic trading and how to manage the risk in order to get consistant strategies.
Get your strategies coded in Ninjascript and apply it 24/24 7/7;
Subscribe to high performance strategies and indicators devel